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Transport Box for Cakes

Transport Box for Cakes

More about Transport Box for Cakes

Cake transport box for every format

Which cakes can be transported well? This question does not arise, the question must be, which cake box is able to transport every cake safely? We don't order what can be packed well, but what is appealing and tasty or trendy! Every cake transport box from THERMO FUTURE BOX offers extremely flexible packaging options for every type of cake:

  • Flexible in shape: The square cake transport box is more versatile, simply because round also fits square! A square cake box with the useful size of 35 x 35 cm is also a cake container Ø 35 cm. Square shapes are generally safer to transport and also stack well.
  • Flexible in height: For the two basic dimensions 35 x 35 cm and 52 x 52 cm, there are flat non-slip base plates for safe placement of the cakes. The practical stacking frames, up to 15 cm high, are individually stacked on top of each other depending on the desired height of the cake. Step by step... equally suitable for the flat sheet cake or the multi-tiered wedding cake. This square cake butler has a system!


Plastic cake transport box

All cake boxes from THERMO FUTURE BOX are made of EPP material (expanded PP) with its unbeatable advantages: EPP boxes are extremely robust, very light, hygienic, dishwasher safe and can be used from -40°C to +120°C. A very important advantage over conventional PP plastic is its good insulating properties. A plastic transport box in Tupperware quality, for example, is certainly indestructible, but this plastic does not insulate. Many cakes, such as cream cakes or ice-cream cakes, have to be transported refrigerated until they are eaten. This is best done in a proper insulated box made of EPP from THERMO FUTURE BOX and a cooling battery. The contents of the cake container are safely protected and cooled. For very long transport routes, there is also the option of using cooling attachments with large cooling accumulators in blue. As an accessory, there is also the useful cup insert made of EPP (Art. 10163) with a diameter of 7 - 8.8 cm, which is very suitable for transporting cupcakes or muffins.

The safe cake transport

The cake transport box should be safe to transport and safe to handle, so it's important not to bump into it and go! It is easier and safer to place the cake on a flat base plate than in a deep box with a rim. That is already the first step. The base is particularly non-slip and waterproof. Top frames and flat lids are quickly attached. If a cake box with a bonnet is preferred, for example the thermo box cake Art. 11333, the bonnet is made of EPP material in the colour black and not transparent because of the better insulation. Here, extra moulded carrying handles on the outer surface help for safe handling when putting on the bonnet. This cake transport box can also be carried very well and safely. Very large and heavy wedding cakes should be carried by 2 people if possible. The four generous carrying handles at the bottom of the large 52 x 52 cm cake container are ideal here, and there is also a practical transport roller.

Our cake transport boxes are versatile and are used for a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which is why the purchase is definitely worthwhile and the price is reasonable. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right cake box and look forward to your questions.