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 The Thermobox for Food Transportation 

Insulated Food Boxes

The Thermobox for Food Transportation

Good thermoboxes are much more than just insulated containers. When it comes to transporting food and meals, they must meet high requirements in terms of temperature and hygiene. At the same time, they need to consider environmental concerns. Sustainable and long-lasting reusable boxes are in demand today.
With the brand Thermo Future Box, we meet these requirements because no one wants to do without transporting tempered food today. Our mobility and the constantly changing work environment also influence our meal plans. Food can be available at any place and time in coolers or thermoboxes for hot and cold meals.

More about Insulated Food Boxes

Thermoboxes for Every Size

The applications are diverse. 'Thermo Future Box' comes in over 100 different sizes. These insulated containers are suitable for a wide range of uses, from individual meals to oversized pizzas and extra-tall wedding cakes. Every professional works with standard sizes and heights specific to their industry, such as gastronorm containers, 60/40 baking sheets, butcher crates, pizza boxes, cake packaging, ice containers, meal trays, or dinner plates. Everything needs to be transported, and there must be suitable thermoboxes for everything. Even in leisure, coolers or thermoboxes are popular for camping, shopping, grilling, fishing, or simply on the go. Those who test the Thermo Future Box and experience its benefits are unlikely to give it up anytime soon.

Thermoboxes in Detail

The suitable thermobox must be precise and easy to handle. Professionals want to load them quickly and easily, with large handles for secure carrying. The lid must seal tightly and be easy to open when needed. The lids are opened thousands of times, and they must withstand this while still closing securely each time. Only then can the box effectively support daily work and streamline workflow. It's not enough to produce a square black EPP plastic thermobox; construction and design must also be right. Many "small things" enhance a thermobox: For delivery services, a box with a sturdy carrying handle for one-handed transport may be useful. For gastronorm boxes, a conveniently shaped carrying handle is essential, preventing fingers from slipping.

Thermoboxes Made of EPP

Thermoboxes made of the wonderful material EPP have unbeatable advantages. Similar to traditional Styrofoam (EPS), EPP is one of the best insulation materials available. Styrofoam boxes are well known for their excellent insulation but are also fragile and need to be replaced after a few uses. For more robust applications, heavy, bulky containers made of double-walled hard plastic or metal were used as an alternative, but they provide inferior insulation. At the beginning of the 20th century, EPP finally began its triumph. Originally developed as an extremely lightweight and shock-absorbing material for the automotive industry, its excellent insulating properties for transporting food and dishes were soon discovered. About 25 years ago, the first black EPP insulation boxes for gastronomy and bakeries were created. Our brand THERMO FUTURE BOX has been at the forefront of developing new, market-oriented EPP insulation boxes since the beginning. Since 2001, THERMO FUTURE BOX has been a registered trademark of Barth GmbH, and it's always the right choice.

EPP Insulates Perfectly and More

Boxes made of this material have a very low weight, yet they are extremely robust and durable due to their shock-absorbing properties. The catering industry particularly appreciates lightweight, robust insulation containers for transporting large, heavy gastronorm containers. In the professional sector, the average lifespan is three to five years.
EPP can withstand astonishing temperatures from -40°C to +120°C and is suitable for both cooling and keeping food warm. Whether it's a hot meal, cold ice cream, or fresh fruit, Thermo Future Box allows you to transport everything flexibly. The -40°C temperature even allows for pre-cooling directly in the freezer or using dry ice.
Unlike Styrofoam, EPP boxes are dishwasher-safe and, as a result, very hygienic. They are approved for use with food and comply with the relevant regulations regarding the testing of food-contact materials (Regulation 1935/2004).
Lastly, EPP boxes are 100% recyclable. A truly sustainable reusable packaging that withstands daily use with high demands for many years and is ultimately recycled. High quality and a great contribution to the environment!