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Properties of EPP

EPP is a foam material composed of expanded, predominantly closed-cell foam particles. The EPP beads are filled with air, making them particularly environmentally friendly. They ensure good joint tightness of the molded parts and provide excellent insulation and thermal insulation.


High energy absorption combined with very good recovery behavior are characteristic properties of EPP, in addition to its good chemical and temperature resistance. The low water absorption due to the closed-cell structure and hydrophobic surface property, easy cleaning of molded parts, good thermal insulation properties, and environmental friendliness (free from propellants and other chemical blowing agents) complete the property profile of EPP.

The excellent material properties of EPP are utilized in an ideal manner for use as reusable packaging and transport and insulation containers.


EPP is processed on foam molding machines designed for a steam chamber pressure of at least 5 bar. The foam particles are transported from a pressure filling container via filling injectors into the mold. Since EPP does not contain any blowing agents, it is necessary to compress the foam particles in the mold. The welding of the EPP beads into a molded part is carried out using steam as the heat carrier. Demolding is done by mechanical ejectors and/or compressed air. To stabilize the molded parts, they must be tempered (dried) at approximately 80°C after demolding.

Areas of application

The specific product properties of EPP are innovative and unparalleled, making EPP a multifunctional material with almost unlimited design possibilities for diverse applications.

EPP proves its worth in areas where strength at low weight, high stiffness, or good thermal properties are required, such as

  • In automobiles as energy-absorbing foam, such as bumpers, side impact protection, or sun visors and headrests
  • As protective and reusable packaging for sensitive products
  • In electronics manufacturing as well as heating, ventilation, and sanitation engineering as a multifunctional component with multiple benefits (shock protection, thermal insulation)
  • In safety-related products such as child seats and bicycle helmets
  • In the toy industry or the design and furniture sector
  • For transporting temperature-sensitive foods from A to B

Environment and recycling

EPP is comfortable and clean and is doubly good for the environment. EPP is manufactured without the use of halogenated hydrocarbons or compounds containing lead, cadmium, mercury or chromium. As a raw material, EPP is free of blowing agents.

When used as intended, EPP foam particles do not produce any emissions. EPP does not contain any water-soluble substances and is classified in water hazard class 0, i.e. not hazardous to water.

Break-resistant and durable

  • High energy absorption with low weight
  • High static and dynamic load capacity
  • Largely unchanged energy absorption after multiple impacts
  • Resistant to most oils, fats, and chemicals
  • Featherlight with very low weight


  • Very low water absorption due to the closed-cell structure of the EPP bead and hydrophobic surface property
  • High temperature resistance from -40 to a maximum of +120 °C
  • Functional safety in food transport and medical applications
  • Good thermal insulation capacity

Shock absorbing

  • Isotropic deformation behavior, regardless of the direction of impact
  • Excellent cushioning behavior with low weight
  • Secure transport packaging for shock-sensitive goods


  • Good resistance to chemicals and oils
  • Taste and odor neutral
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean and sterilize, as EPP absorbs minimal moisture

Environmentally friendly

  • 100% recyclable
  • Diverse recyclability
  • Free from propellants and other chemical blowing agents
  • CFC-free